[New Magic Item] Gem of the Mastodon

Gem of the Mastodon

‘So this time you actually won at gambling?’ Chalk asked.

The priest of the Spider God nodded towards the window. A pair of shaggy elephantine creatures were harnessed to a nomadic wagon that was complete with windows and doors of its own.

‘And the wagon too?’

‘That was another deal, but we are ready to leave in style,’ replied Valance.

‘And getting more than a little attention, but this is better than walking,’ Chalk admitted with a shrug.

Koram was getting their gear together, preparing to leave with this odd conveyance.

A strange magic item created by an archmage of a far northern realm, this briliant amber colored gem nonetheless is highly sought after by adventurers and those on long overland journeys.

Benefit: This powerful magic item can be used to call forth up to four mastodons that will serve their master for one week or until slain. These creatures are similar to any ordinary mastodon, with maximum hit dice and unwavering loyalty. These creatures can be used to attack or for more menial tasks, and will not wander or stray from their task.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Gem of the Mastodon

  1. Anub says:

    Is this a charged/ one use item or is it reusable?

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