[New Magic Item] Chalice of St Nollus

Chalice of St Nollus

At the dawn of the year’s longest day the conspirators made their move, through a series of bribes and intimidation they arranged to murder the king and cause chaos in the kingdom. As dinner time approached the nervous rebels paced restlessly.

Bilvinus, herald of the king, made an announcement from the high tower.

‘An attempt has been made on the king’s life. A bounty has been put on the head of the poisoner and his or her fellows. You will know the poisoner by red glowing hands. The bounty is 300 gold pieces per conspirator.’

One of the conspirators looked at his glowing hands and screamed aloud.

You said that Saint Nollus’s Day was next week!’

A loud knocking was heard at the door as panic set in.

An extremely rare artifact of Law, the Chalice of St Nollus has saved countless lives and cost more than a few with its divine magic. It is said that Saint Nollus poured his essence into this magical item to save a king that had helped raise and defend a shrine to the saint’s patron deity. On St Nollus’ Day it is also rumored that the magic item takes on even more magical properties.

Benefit: The Chalice of St Nollus will neutralize any poison poured within, yet the golden chalice will glow a deep red, alerting those nearby that poison was put into the liquid to be imbibed. In addition, on St Nollus’ Day (Usually the longest day of the year) not only will the chalice glow, but also the hands of the poisoner.

Usable by: Anyone.

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