[New spell] Just Like Me

Just Like Me

As the orc warlord stood upon the huge boulder rallying his troops he didn’t notice the slight figure that crept closer through the tall reeds before the orc army.

‘I hope this works,’ the elf mumbled to herself as she began casting the spell.

‘Now we crush the elves of that village!’ roared the orc warlord.

Then suddenly he stared in awe at his upraised hand as his armor seemed many sizes too big suddenly. Slender fingers betrayed the hands of an elf.

‘What is this?’ grumbled the orc.

‘What mischief indeed!’ snarled a nearby orc. ‘We’ve been betrayed! Leg it, lads!’

Thinking that there were elves amongst them the orcs scattered, bereft of a strong leader as the orc warlord stood as in a stupor, watching them run.

The elf wizardess whistled at the archers to take the former orc down before he infiltrated their village. Arrows found their mark with deadly precision.

Just Like Me (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 60′

Duration: Permanent.

This spell is thought to be a precursor to Polymorph Other as it changes one target that fails a save vs. polymorph, however there are a few differences. The target of the spell becomes a member of the same race as the caster, retaining their mental attributes, yet his or her physical abilities might change, if appropriate. The gender of the original creature will remain the same, all other physical qualities will be altered to the new race.

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