[New Spell] Elemental Weakness

Elemental Weakness

The hulking humanoid snarled as it fought its way through the dense undergrowth, mere feet from the druid it pursued. It was merely the magic of a previously cast spell that kept the druid just out of harm’s way. Without warning the druid began another spell.

‘Earth,’ muttered the man as he turned to face the ogre and pointed at the thing.

‘Now!’ shouted the elf nearby.

A half dozen fighting men strode forth and threw heavy stones at the humanoid, each man having a small pile at his feet. The ogre howled in pain as the rocks did more damage than usual, pummeling the beast to the ground.

The creature raised its hands in surrender. The druid called off the assault.

‘And now we negotiate,’ the druid offered.

The ogre, bloodied and beaten, realized it had no choice.

Elemental Weakness (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 20′ + 5’/level

Duration: 2 turns. (20 minutes)

When cast, the Elemental Weakness spell causes the target to take 1d6 points of extra damage if struck by a particular elemental type during a round for the duration of this spell. The caster must name the particular element- Air (including debris whipped through the air via spell or high winds), Fire (includes heated materials), Water (includes ice damage), Earth (includes stone) type for the extra damage to take place. A standard saving throw versus spells applies.

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