[New Spell] Demoralizer


The tall, cloaked human cleric strode confidently into the group in the plaza.

Valance, Priest of the Spider God, began to feel slightly uneasy with this newcomer, then he saw the fighters approaching. As weapons were produced he only became more concerned.

The cleric intoned a prayer, so did Valance.

Panic crept over Valance and many other in the plaza. As the soldiers raised their weapons a swarm of gigantic spiders erupted onto the scene and attacked the fighting men immediately.

Valance smiled as he fled the plaza, hearing the screams of the cleric’s retinue as they had to deal with the biting arachnids. Although this did foul up the plans of his adventuring party.

Demoralizer (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: 20′ +5’/level

Duration: Three turns.

When cast all enemies of the caster within range will have a Morale score four points lower than normal in a combat situation (in games without a Morale system a quick way to resolve this on the fly is to add 1d6 to 6 for a given creature(s) or use a base of 8 for weak morale, 10 for stout and 12 for outstanding morale then subtract 4 from that and try to roll 2d6 under the new sum for the duration of the spell, rolling above causes the creature(s) to panic and run) and then roll Morale of the character. If the creature or creatures fail the test the target(s) will immediately try to flee combat.

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