[New Spell] Cyclopeanism


Valance burst through the door of the inn’s room he shared with his fellow adventurers.

‘What was that thud just before you entered?’ Chalk asked casually as he poured over spellbooks.

‘I’d rather not speak of it,’ Valance said harshly.

The wizard looked up to see the priest of the Spider God has only a single eye where before he had two.

‘Another lost bet?’ Koram asked.

‘Perhaps!’ hissed the cleric as his friends laughed.

Cyclopeanism (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 20′ +5’/level

Duration: One day per level of caster.

A vicious spell, Cyclopeanism causes a target that fails a save versus spells to be reduced to one eye regardless of how many eyes the creature started with (see below for an option). This causes the affected to be -2 to Strike in combat, -3 for Ranged attacks due to the sudden lack of depth perception, this also affects the casting of ranged spells. This also reduces the target’s Charisma by 2 points for the duration of the spell.

Option: If cast upon an eyeless or blind creature the subject will gain one eye and sight for the duration of the spell.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Cyclopeanism

  1. Anubis says:

    A beholder killer spell.

  2. Lorathorn says:

    Maybe they (beholders) get a bonus to resist? I wonder how you detemine which eye. Maybe it’d default to the primary eye.

  3. killervp says:

    Man, a simple spell with so many possibilities! Love it!

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