[New Spell] Inconsistent Information

Inconsistent Information


Navnen raced frantically through the streets until he found Chalk and the others.

‘We are going to get hanged for this!’ he exclaimed.

‘Relax, it is taken care of,’ replied Valance.

‘There are constables everywhere!’

‘It’s okay,’ Chalk chimed in. ‘The Scholar of Wexos has taken care of everything. Relax, have a drink.’

‘The who of what?’ the thief asked.

‘The Scholar of Wexos, he’s an illusionist, he is part of the group, smooths things over for us when things like this happen,’ explained Koram.

Navnen tried getting his breathing under control.

‘You think robbing the Temple of Midnight is the worst thing we’ve done?’ Valance asked.

The group laughed heartily as the thief reconsidered his involvement.


Inconsistent Information (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 250′ +50’/level

Duration: One day per level.

This illusionist spell amuses some while frustrating others to no end. When cast this spell causes all witnesses or participants to a particular situation or event to remember the scenario differently from each other. This causes bounty hunters, constables and others to have to sift through all the information to try to find the truth. Lie detecting magic will not work to counter this spell as each person questions believes what they saw or heard to be true.

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