[New Magic Item] Thapsus Potion

Thapsus Potion

‘We descend into the valley of the witch coven,’ whispered Knat as she reached into a pouch and retrieved several small vials, passing them out to the other adventurers.

‘What does this potion do?’ Chalk asked.

‘It will hold some of the magic of the witches at bay,’ the druidess replied.

Valance looked skeptical.

‘Just drink it, will you!’ Knat snapped.

Hours later a pack of screaming witches descended upon the party, hurling curses upon them, yet none seemed to stick, howling in despair the witches retreated deeper into the forests.

‘Okay, this is the shortest way to Covek-Nax, right?’ Koram asked.

‘Yes,’ Chalk answered. ‘We just need to tough it out and hope this potion sticks until we get through the valley. You do have more of those, right, Knat?’

‘Can we get through this valley in a day?’ she asked back.

‘I’m guessing we’d better find a way,’ Chalk said.

Made of natural ingredients, this elixir takes on magical properties when properly mixed. A staple of many druids, it is handy when in lands populated with witches and other curse slingers.

Benefit: This natural elixir takes time to make but is worth the it when the timing is right. When imbibed this potion will not allow any curse to take effect. While it will not dispel curses already in place it does not allow any curses to affect the drinker for 24 hours from the time it was ingested.

Usable by: Anyone.

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