[New Magic Item] Eye Pen

Eye Pen

Navnen slipped out for the evening.

‘Since our thief got his new surveillance pen thing his hauls have gotten better,’ Chalk casually observed.

‘Less chance of getting caught when he sees his victims leaving, I reckon,’ added Valance. ‘Just one thing…’

‘The bounty on the mysteriously successful thief?’ asked Chalk.

‘Yeah, it is tempting,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

Not an uncommon magic item in some places, the Eye Pen is a handy way of keeping a lookout on a place from some distance away. Origins unknown, thought to be the product of an intrepid wizard.

Benefit: Each of these large waxy pencils has about thirty uses when new, which obviously varies if used ones are found. To use one simply draws an eye on a surface and from any other point on that plane he or she can concentrate while holding the magic item and the drawn eye will open, showing the viewer all that transpires under the gaze of the eye. If the eye is noticed while active and attacked it has 1d4 hit points before being destroyed.

Usable by: Anyone.

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