[New Spell] Reclaim the Tame

Reclaim the Tame


After watching the farmer beat his pigs with a stick enough times the druid finally had enough of the cruel man.

‘Lovely farm you’ve got here,’ the druid commented as he approached the wary farmer.

‘Aye, it is, thank ye,’ replied the farmer.

‘Be a shame if anything happened to it.’

‘What are ye saying? Nothing will happen to it.’

The druid made a flourish and incanted a spell. Immediately the hogs grew burly an furry, tusks erupted from their mouths. The druid used his staff to open the fence and the creatures ran for the woods.

‘That’s my livelihood!’ exclaimed the farmer.

The druid glared at the man.

‘The next time I see you beating animals it will be your life.’


Reclaim the Tame (Druid)

Level 5

Range: 20′ + 5’/level

Duration: Permanent.

When cast the druid causes any domesticated animals within range of the spell to return to their feral roots. These creatures gain 2 HD immediately and +2 to damage. Domestic pigs revert to wild boars and plowhorses become bucking stallions. The animals eventually run off into the wild to live.

Option: Sentient creatures can also be affected by the spell, but may resist (Save versus Spell at -1).

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