[New Spell] Curse Reprieve

Curse Reprieve


‘If what you say is true,’ said Vindri the cleric,’we can give you some time to be free of your curse.’

The wretched thing mewled in disblief.

Firemead the halfling cocked an eyebrow in distrust of the thing.

Vindri chanted to his deity.

Light glittered over the wretched thing that shed its mutations and appeared as a normal human.

‘Now, we need to know where the key is to the cellar below,’ said Ironkeg.

‘I’d be rather quick about it, I don’t believe that spell is permanent,’ the halfling chimed in.

The man turned to the cleric in dismay.

‘First you help us, then we see about making it permanent later, you haven’t been the nicest person in the world,’ the priest said.

‘Nor I the worst!’ protested the man.


Curse Reprieve (Arcane/Divine)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: Ten minutes per level unless of the same faith, then 1 hour/level.

A common spell among charlatans and those with the best of intentions, the Curse Reprieve spell removes the effects of a curse temporarily from a cursed subject, this can be done for good or ill, but is usually done to give some relief to the cursed wretch. One in twenty chance of permanently removing the curse as the spell.

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