[New Magic Item] Wand of Hunches

Wand of Hunches

Vistis the Blue Mage grumbled.

‘It’s not the end of the world, we will fix this,’ Stork said in a rare moment of kindness.

‘I already have a mask, now a humpback too!’ lamented the illusionist.

Stork scratched his chin thoughtfully.

‘I think I know a priestess of the Cult of Silence that can be of assistance,’ the wizard said.

‘And until then?’

‘Okay! Okay! I’m going already,’ Stork said as he headed for the door.

Supposedly a gift to a poor wretched human who was born with a humpback and mocked constantly in his small village bestowed by a wily archmage, others claim this is a fey item or one of the creations of the Gods of Mischief.

Benefit: In reality this wand bestows a curse, creating a hunch or hump on the back of the target (who gets to Save vs. Wands at +1), providing the target is corporeal and has a back, otherwise the charge is wasted. This hunch causes the victim’s Dex and Chr to drop by 2 points each and the unusual appearance is generally cause for ridicule. Permanent unless a Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish is cast upon the subject. The wand is generally found with 2-4 charges and holds four maximum. Will fully recharge if unused for three months.

Usable by: Any spellcaster or thief capable of using magic items.

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