[New Spell] Talk only Two Can Share

Talk only Two Can Share


Valance slipped into the house that he and his fellow adventurers rented, slipping the bolt in behind him.

‘Why do you lock us in?’ Chalk asked as he watched the priest of the Spider God as he looked out a nearby window.

‘I got some information in the gambling hall, one of your wizard friends told me across the room, using a spell. Stork is in town, looking to cause mischief,’ Valance replied.

‘Oh great, that’s just what we need,’ Chalk said.

‘He also said that the odds are on Stork for finding us and mangling at least one of us,’


Talk only Two Can Share (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Line of sight from caster.

Duration: Two turn or until conversation ends.

This spell allows the caster to converse with one target within line of sight that can only be heard by the two in conversation, regardless of surrounding noise. Beware crafty lip readers! Spell lasts for twenty minutes or as long as the conversation lasts, whichever is shortest.

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