[New Magic Item] Rat Dagger

Rat Dagger

The dice hit the table, making heavy thuds as they fell.

Valance smiled at the result.

‘He must have cheated!’ shouted one of the other gamblers.

Valance made his best appalled face (although he really hadn’t cheated this time).

As one of the thugs started to tip the table over the other went to draw his dagger.

‘Nooooo!’ shouted the table-tipper. ‘Remember last time?’

The dagger gleamed in the pale lantern light. The table crashed back down on all five legs as the thug that was tipping it suddenly vanished, although a loud squeak was heard from under the table.

A large rat took the place of one of the thugs, and now it turned on the other with a snarl.

‘My luck is good tonight,’ Valance muttered to himself as he collected the coins just before a hasty retreat.

This dagger is a blessing and a curse in one. It can turn the tide of a battle quickly, although not always in favor of the dagger’s owner. Definitely a creation of the Gods of Mischief.

Benefit: This simple looking dagger has a relief of a rat with two tiny rubies for eyes set in the pommel. When drawn the blade’s magic automatically transforms one random person within 30′ of the dagger into a dire rat. This change is permanent until a Remove Curse spell is cast upon the afflicted. The transformed retain their mental faculties but in all are ways are a dire rat. The dagger is +1 o strike and deals 1d6+1 points of damage.

Usable by: Anyone, usually people not too worried about who they transform into rats.

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