[New Encounter] The Head on the Hill

The Head on the Hill

The sorcerer sat before the gigantic bearded head.

‘Is there no other way?’ he finally asked.

‘None. Accept my quest to bring back the Copper Sword of Posea, or I cannot help you,’ replied the grisly giant.

‘Very well,’ the sorcerer said,’ however I want to know the exact location of my enemy.’

‘It will be,’ replied the head.

Stork followed the winding path down the hill and joined his traveling companion, Vistis, the Blue Mage.

‘How bad?’ asked the illusionist from behind his lacquered mask.

‘Bad enough, we have to find a magical sword and bring it back here first,’ answered Stork.

‘Let’s get this over with,’ Vistis said.

The Head on the Hill appears as a titanic head of a bearded man, some twelve feet high, and twenty feet around, clad in a huge bronze helmet. Only the head and neck is visible, the rest of the giant is apparently buried in the hill. Oftentimes the giant is asleep anymore, although he is more vigilant after a dwarf tried to attack recently. At least the dwarf swore that he was going to attack the thing and he never returned to town…

In the game: An impossibly large head, clad in horned bronze helm, resides on a nearby hill. Those who approach the creature may ask a question, however they will be subject to a Geas spell to receive an honest and correct answer from this behemoth sage. Sample commands are for food and drink, or to retrieve some minor bauble or book. from a location nearby or to bring news from a faraway land. Any attacks on the head are swiftly dealt with as a hand can emerge from the ground and crush anyone foolish enough to attack for 6d6 points of damage. It is not unknown for both hands to defend the titanic head.

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