[New Magic Item] Copper Fox Lantern

Copper Fox Lantern

Navnen was sitting by himself, reading when his fellow adventurers returned to the cottage they shared.

Moments later Valance gasped.

‘My pocketbook!’ the pries of the Spider God shrieked.

Navnen looked blurry for a moment and he handed the pocketbook back to the cleric.

‘At least I know that works,’ he said as he looked at the lantern. ‘And don’t think that was easy, picking your pocket with all of those spiders creeping about.’

Valance grinned evilly despite the theft.

Thought to have been created by mischievous fey to help burglars and thieves, this magic item is, like so many, rare and coveted. Being fairly innocuous it is easy to hide in plain sight without gaining too much attention. This lantern looks like a stylized copper fox head upon the lantern body with a standard hook on the top.

Benefit: A magical lantern that glows softly in a 30′ radius. This magic item casts an illusion that shows the current owner/bearer as sitting or standing or otherwise not engaged in any questionable or illegal activity while adding 15% to any thief skills twice per day as long as the lantern is lit and the thief is within its glow. Once per week this lantern may be activated to fetch a small item (less than 5 lbs) for its owner, traveling no further than thirty miles one way.

Usable by: Anyone, most commonly thieves.

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