[New Magic Item] Balancing Coin of Velmar

Balancing Coin of Velmar

Valance looked a little astonished as he was balancing items on top of each other at ridiculous angles and saw Navnen walk by.

‘You are back early,’ the priest of the Spider God said to the thief.

‘Not a lot going on, I’m turning in early,’ the thief replied.

One of the other gamblers grumbled.

‘One more, double or nothing, Valance!’ the gambler grumbled.

‘Sure, just one more,’ he agreed.

When the second cup was balanced onto the spoon and the crowd gasped the cleric began to sweat. Then the cup fell.


A minor magic item created by a goddess of gambling and fortune and distributed among her faithful, these coins have, of course, fallen into the hands of thieves and other ne’er-do-wells.

Benefit: The owner of this coin must balance the coin on its side somewhere within 50′. Once the coin is balanced (not leaning) its owner may balance objects and even living creatures, including themselves, perfectly, stacking objects/creatures/people up to four high. This can be used for bets, to climb a wall, to reach something in a precarious location, etc. If nobody is around the coin there is an 85% chance that the balancing act will work flawlessly, whenever other living creatures are involved the chance of the coin being moved intentionally or accidentally reduces the success rate to 45%.

Usable by: Anyone, a favorite thieves.

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