[New Spell] Alter Color

Alter Color


‘Druids aren’t immune to poisons,’ said one of the tavern patrons.

‘And if we are?’ asked Fellhorn.

‘I say if you can eat the red capped mushrooms that grow in the trees out back then I’ll buy your beer for a week!’ the patron said.

The druid looked around the room and pointed at a gnome sitting idly by the fireplace.

‘Little master, would you be so kind as to fetch a handful of the red capped mushrooms out back in the trees?’ the druid asked.

With a nod the gnome slipped off, returning sometime later with a trio of huge red capped mushrooms.

Smiling, the druid grabbed one of the mushrooms and ate it.

‘A bit mushy, but not bad,’ he said.

The tavern patron gasped.

Later that evening the druid paid the gnome illusionist for changing the color of some harmless mushrooms purchased earlier in the market.


Alter Color (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day/level or until dispelled.


A very simple yet effective spell, Alter Color allows the caster to change an item touched into any other color. This can color a portion of an item, object, person, etc or the entire thing. A Detect Magic spell will reveal that the color has been changed, yet will not reveal the original color.

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