[New Magic Item] Falcon Cloak

Falcon Cloak

Stork chased the thief through the streets of the old city. The wand was worth a lot to the sorcerer. He noticed a movement out of the corner of his eye and saw the thief sneak into a tower.

‘I’ve got that sneaky elf now,’ he muttered to himself.

Climbing the tower as swiftly as he could he reached the trapdoor that lead to the top. Carefully the wizard lifted the wooden door and crept onto the top of the tower.

With a sardonic smile the female elf leapt into the air and was suddenly a falcon flying off into the dusk.

‘This isn’t over!’ Stork snarled after the fleeing thief.

A gift of the gods to a questing knight who lost the magic item to a wily thief just after the quest was complete, this so infuriated the goddess who granted this to the knight that any bearer has a 35% chance per week of having this stolen by a thief.

Benefit: This cloak with a stylized feathery motif allows the wearer to transform into a falcon for 30 minutes (three turns) per level of the wearer. Mental attributes do not change, eyesight increases to that of a raptor, hit points are retained, Str becomes 5, Dex 13, Con 12 until the effect is over and the attributes return to normal.

Usable by: Anyone, favored by thieves and sneaky types.

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