[New Magic Item] Book of Faraway Places

Book of Faraway Places

Fellhorn noticed the odd book that the gnome had picked up somewhere, but paid it no mind.

Three nights later there was a strange commotion in the gnome’s quarters.Upon inspection a small, strange lizard-like thing had taken the place of the gnome illusionist. Before it could be dispatched it escaped through an open window and out into the night.

‘We lose more illusionists that way,’ Fellhorn told his companions.

A curse or a clever way to travel, these magical books are spread everywhere by the cult of the Lords of Spite, these books are paired and most always dispersed very far away from each other, otherwise, what fun would it be?

These books are strangely in a language the bearer can read, if literate, and filled with compelling tales of monsters and heroes, or monster-heroes.

Benefit: When read one of these books triggers the other (if possessed by another sapient creature) to be read. There is a 65% chance that this is likely. The next night, if both books have been read within a month, there is a 70% chance that the readers will switch places, teleporting to anywhere on the same plane. A curse to some, an adventure to others.

Usable by: Anyone.

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