[New Magic Item] Lamp of the Ogre Magi

Lamp of the Ogre Magi

The mercenary Bakra-do was contemplating his misfortune when a desperate beggar came along on the edge of thirst and starvation. Because it is only right the mercenary gave food and water to the beggar and made him a makeshift shelter.

In gratitude the beggar reached into his worn backpack and handed an oil lamp to Bakra-do.

‘I have misused this many times and now I fear the inhabitant of this lamp,’ the beggar said. ‘But you have a good heart deep down and you will use this wisely.’

He then went on to tell the mercenary all about the lamp and how to use it as the two sat by the campfire.

Two days later Bakra-do was in the mountaintop retreat of the tengu, tapping the thief who had stolen from him on the shoulder.

‘The necklace for the princess that I was delivering?’ the mercenary asked.

The strange bird-goblin twirled in amazement, about to deliver a witty reply when he spied the ten foot blue ogre behind the human.

‘Coming right up,’ the creature said.

‘Just as I thought,’ the mercenary said with a smile.

Considered by some a lesser experiment in lamp-magic to others this is a formidable tool in the arsenal of anyone seeking revenge. Of unknown origin this magic item, and the fact that there are more than one, has lead some scholars to believe that the ogre magi race was at one time cursed into lamps by an angered deity. The truth is lost to the ages, but a Lamp of the Ogre Magi is a devastating magic item in the hands of the right owner.

Benefit: Within this small hand-held oil lamp resides an ogre mage, in a similar manner to some lamps that allegedly hold geniis. When a command phrase is spoken the ogre mage will appear and will be favorable to the holder of the lamp, in other words the magical ogre is forbidden to attack the current owner of the lamp. The ogre within the lamp, unable to grant wishes, is a supreme strategist and uses his (or her) spell-like powers to help the lamp’s bearer to overcome a foe or to steal a great prize. If ordered to return to the lamp the ogre mage will, if allowed to roam free it will immediately try to attack former owners that abused it.

Usable by: Anyone.

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