[New Magic Item] Jug for One

Jug for One

‘Is this going to work?’ Valance asked.

‘I hope so, we have to get you out of here before those thugs find you,’ answered Chalk.

Chalk said a word and urged Valance and then Koram towards the clay jug, they both became smoke-like and were swallowed by the receptacle. Chalk handed the jug to Navnen.

‘My turn, just get us out of here, okay?’

The thief nodded as Chalk uttered the command word again. A loud pounding was heard at the door.

Navnen smirked then climbed to the hidden trapdoor to the roof and crept out of the building and onto another roof, then another. He thought he heard yelling behind him and kept going, not looking back.

‘We really need to do something about Valance’s gambling,’ he muttered to himself.

Accredited to a gnome wizard, this magic item has proliferated and is a smuggler’s best friend. Except for those nosy wizards and clerics that cast Detect Magic and realize that the clay jug is more than it seems.

Benefit: Appearing as a simple clay jug roughly one foot in height, the Jug for One operates on a command word that allows one human sized occupant to enter the bottle and live comfortably, although up to four can survive in these cramped conditions provided that the inhabitants receive food and water. Within the magical jug there is a comfortable room roughly in a 10′ cube. A command word also releases any inhabitants that wish to leave. Animals or those that cannot speak must rely on the jug’s owner to enter or leave this magic item.

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Jug for One

  1. eltf177 says:

    Again, I see the authorities not being happy finding one of these. And less happy with the owner…

  2. killervp says:

    My group will love this one.

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