[New Monster] Jakani


Bakra-do slipped into the rain forest on his way north. This particular route unknown to the mercenary he was surprised when he awoke surrounded by a half dozen creatures that seemed a mix of lizard and ape standing and watching him.

One of the creatures pointed at the wooden armor the human wore.

‘You teach?’ it asked.

‘I’ve got to get to…’ Bakra-do began then he saw the sad faces.

‘Okay, I will teach you, but you’d better be quick learners,’ he grumbled.

The jakani cheered and led the mercenary to their camp.

The jakani are a race of strange and simple creatures that seem almost a mix between saurian and mammalian in nature, living in jungles and sometimes even temperate rain forests and swamps. These creatures are communal and while they will trade with outsiders they are wary and protective of their young. These creatures appear to be thickly built and tough skinned, equipped with a tail that has a club-like end that deals damage in combat. Jakani mostly use primitive weapons and tools but are learning metalworking and about to enter their Bronze Age, this is making them more eager to trade with outsiders and to learn more.

Jakani: HD 2+2 AC 7[12]; Atk Weapon (1d6), Tail (1d6) or Punch (1d4) ; Move 9 ; Save 12; CL/XP 3/60; Special: Tail-club:Jakani gain one extra attack with their tails swinging to hit and deal 1d6 crushing damage, Tracking: Jakani are excellent trackers and have a base 65% chance of tracking quarry (this may raise or lower depending on conditions). Exceptional individuals will be able to cast spells, usually magic-user or illusionist.

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