[New Spell] Taste of Poison

Taste of Poison


‘A poisoned apple? Isn’t that a little cliché?’ Chalk asked.

‘Just try it,’ the other wizard said, ‘but don’t take too long or the magic wears off.’

Chalk took a bite out of one of the apples and immediately spit it out.

‘It does taste foul!’

‘But I assure you, it is merely an apple, in a few hours that taste will melt away and the apple will taste normal again.’

‘I’ll take three apples under the spell and one without,’ Chalk said, plotting a practical joke for his fellow adventurers.


Taste of Poison (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: Effect lasts one hour per level of caster.


A wicked spell that causes any food eaten to taste strange, as if altered or poisoned. The spell effects any food touched or handled by the casting wizard at the time the magic is cast. Any nearby food not touched is unaffected. A save versus spells at -1 may be made to resist the belief that the food is poisoned, otherwise the victim of this spell can starve after days of being served food under this enchantment. If the food is forcibly eaten or the food is eaten out of desperation there are no harmful effects to the one eating. Some some creatures, like ghouls or goblins, may not care and may eat the food regardless of the taste of poison.

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