[New Magic Item] Spear of Spirits

Spear of Spirits

Brog gripped the spear tighter as the air grew chill.

‘I am here,’ hissed a voice in the darkness.

‘The wraith-lord Voltinus,’ muttered the barbarian.

‘Another “hero” who’s soul will be mine to devour,’ rasped the wraith.

A shape appeared in the darkness to Brog, one of the elves gasped. The undead drew a sword.

Blood pumping Brog leapt forward with a shout and drove the spear into the wraith’s chest. The sword clattered to the floor as the thing grasped for the enchanted spear.

‘And here you die again, Voltinus,’ the man said grimly thrusting the spear deeper into the undead thing.

The elven arrows flew into the wraith’s form as the dwarf princeling swung an enchanted club at the thing as it struggled to retreat into the shadows.

A gift from the Gods of Light to a famed undead hunting Hero, this magic item has been lost to a treasure vault in strange lands. While jewels and gold have been offered by those plagued with evil spirits, the Spear of Spirits has not revealed itself to date.

Benefit: The Spear of Spirits can detect incorporeal entities in a 100′ radius at all times. The holder of the spear knows the type of being (spectre, ghost, wraith, etc) and the creature’s name, but no other characteristics are identified by the magical spear. Upon a successful hit this spear deals 1d8+2 damage to such creatures and on a critical hit (19 or 20) the spear roots the entity to the spot for one turn (ten minutes), which may be enough time to finish it off or to get away. If the creature is pinned ALL weapons deal normal damage as if the entity was corporeal in nature.

Usable by: Anyone that can wield a spear.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Spear of Spirits

  1. eltf177 says:

    A most interesting item…

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