[New Magic Item] Wand of Knots

Wand of Knots

Chalk and the others watched Navnen descend the small tower via a series of ropes tightly knotted together.

‘Is this how he got that one curse?’ Valance asked.

‘Probably,’ replied Chalk.

Koram let out a cry of warning as a shuttered window suddenly burst open and a human clothed in dark muted colors leaned out the window and tapped a knot just above the thief with a slender wand. The knot instantly came undone and the thief plummeted into the shrubbery below.

‘I’ll live,’ a muffled Navnen exclaimed.

‘We are taking the tower?’ Koram asked as he loosened his ax.

‘Apparently,’ Chalk said as he began weaving a spell with his hands.

Knots being important in sailing, a wand like this is invaluable. The fact that it is something that anyone can use makes this a magic item that people will kill for. Fortunately there are a number of these out there, unfortunately….well, see below.

Benefit: Three times per day this simple magic item can be used to tie a complicated knot and strengthen any rope or cord involved (requiring 10 hit points of damage or Str16+ to sever/break such items). Conversely, these wands can be used to easily untie any knot in rope or cord as well. There are three uses regardless of any combination of tie/untie. Knots magically tied another way or very complicated knots tied mundanely will have a 50% chance of being undone with this wand. Simply tied knots are untied as if they were made by one of these wands.

Usable by: Anyone.

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