[New Spell] Now It’s Clear

Now It’s Clear


Vistis the Blue Mage wiped a gloved hand on the wooden wall then stood there, staring at the wall.

‘What are you doing?’ Stork asked.

‘Looking for Chalk and the others, we heard they were here,’ replied the illusionist.

‘By staring at the wall?’ asked a puzzled Stork.

The illusionist turned his masked face to the magic-user then muttered a few words. Now Stork could see through the wall as if it were a window.

‘This will speed up the hunt if they are here,’ said an excited Stork.

‘Yes, as long as we don’t get interested in watching the goings on in every tavern and inn this town has, they have to be in one.’


Now It’s Clear (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Touch (affects up to 2’x2’/level no deeper than 1′)

Duration: One turn (ten minutes-see option below).


This simple spell makes any surface into a transparent one, crystal clear to the caster-stone, wood, brick, etc. The caster just rubs the surface with their hands while casting and a one-way mirror effect is created, while the caster can see through the material nobody else can. Walls, floors, ceilings, any surface can be made clear as long as it is no deeper than one foot thick. The illusionist may allow others to see through this surface as well, but this only happens on the side of the surface that the spell was cast upon.

Option: When cast roll 1d6, a result of ‘6’ means the spell is permanent.

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