[New Magic Item] Aetheric Arrow

Aetheric Arrow

Navnen screamed in pain as the arrow struck his side. The thief dropped to the ground. Koram drew his crossbow and prepared it for a retaliatory shot as Chalk readied a spell and Valance saw to the thief’s wound, releasing spiders that had an anesthetic bite.

‘Where did the shot come from?’ Chalk asked.

Koram looked around but could see nobody in the inn’s common room that had a weapon drawn.

‘I think it came from…outside? But how did it pass through a closed window or solid stone?’ the fighter replied.

‘Normally I am the target of these things,’ quipped Valance. ‘Have you taken up gambling?’

Navnen only swooned as the painkilling venom of the spiders took effect.

Thought to have been the creation of an Assassin/Mage of ancient times, these strange and beautiful arrows will become aetheric (go into the ethereal realm) until they find their mark once fired. Magic items like this can cause a lot of ripples in a society and thus are very expensive and dangerous to own.

Benefit: Aetheric Arrows will pass through solid objects to strike a named target within range of the bow (70′ from a short bow, 90′ from a long bow) for 1d8+2 points of magical damage. The archer must have met this person and been within 5′ of them before this attack and must know the person’s name. While it is necessary to have a clear view of the target or suffer a -3 to the shot due to judging (as through a wall), an Aetheric Arrow will pass through other living creatures or partial cover, causing no damage to either, until it finds its target.

Usable by: Anyone who can fire a bow.

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  1. killervp says:

    OOOO, I like this one!

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