[New Magic Item] Blade of the Efreeti

Blade of the Efreeti

The thief unsheathed his sword as the trap sprung, dropping the adventurers into a square pit, water began to fill the pit from small holes on each side.

‘We are going to drown,’ shouted the priest as he scrambled to climb the walls.

The fighter in his armor scrambled to remove it, fumbling with buckles and straps as the wizard contemplated a spell.

‘Well, you three will,’ laughed the thief as the water rose higher and higher.

‘You knew!’ accused the fighter as the water reached his chin.

The thief’s eyes gleamed as the deep pit filled and the magical blade allowed him to easily breathe the water.

Taken from the efreeti Zajan-Zabar by the arch-thief Klousen this curved short sword has a heavy, wide blade and a huge emerald set into its pommel. Now residing in a bottle in a magic shop in Nalaj, Zajan-Zabar contemplates his escape and revenge on the descendants of Klousen the thief.

Benefit: When unsheathed this blade allows the bearer to enjoy the following:

1 The ability to breathe underwater without difficulty.

2 Attacks against marids, water elementals, water weirds and similar aquatic creatures deals 2d6+2 damage, against all other foes damage is 1d8+1

3 Once per day the bearer of this blade may dispel any water based magic that was cast up to the 6th level of ability.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a short sword.

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